Frequently asked questions

About Check-in and Check-out

Q. What time may we check in?

A. Check-in is from 11:00-21:00. Please make sure to let us know your arrival time one day prior to your stay. The reception may be closed from 12:00-15:00 when the staff is cleaning the facility or taking a break. Please use the intercom at the door on the  3rd floor when you arrive here.

 Q. Can we check-in after 21:00?

A. Unfortunately you cannot. Check-in time is until 21:00. We kindly request not to make a reservation if you know already that your arrival would be after 21:00. In case you arrive between 21:00 and 24:00 due to the delay operation of the public transportation or such reasons, please notify us before 21:00. Check-in after 21:00 will require a charge (1,500 yen/1 hour as late night charge).

We will cancel your reservation after 24:00 due to our No Show policy.

 Q. Is early check-in available? 

A. Unfortunately you cannot.

Q. Can I leave my luggage at Hikifune Lodge after I check-out?

A. Yes, You can leave your luggage with us anytime until 18:00 on your check-out date. 

 Q. Can we extend our check-out time?

A.We are afraid but late check-out is not accepted.

 Q. Can we send our luggage or ticket to the lodge in advance?

A.We are very sorry but due to the security reasons as well as to prevent any accident regarding the delivery, we kindly refuse to receive any items.

About reservation and our services


 Q. How can I pay? About reservation and our services

A. Please pay your hotel fee in full by cash or credit card when you check-in. Also, please note that an advanced payment or pre-payment before the reservation (non-refundable) may be required according to the plan that you reserved. For details, please check your confirmation letter.

 Q. Can I pay by credit card?

A. Yes, you can VISA, MASTER are available.

 Q. Do you have a private plan?

A. Negotiable. During a high season we might not be able to meet your request. Please contact us via inquiry form.

Q. Is there a discount for long-stay? Can I pay by credit card?

A. Yes. Please check on the reservation page. Also, we sometimes offer a discount campaign for consecutive stay for a limited time only.

About access

Q.  How Can I get to the Hikifune Lodge from the airport?

A. It takes about 60 minutes by train to get to Hikifune Lodge from Narita Airport as well as from Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport). We recommend to come by train from these two airports. You can also take an airport limousine that comes to Kinshicho and Asakusa. If you take a taxi, it costs about ¥10,000- from these two airports. There are no train nor limousine services at midnight from either airport.

Q.  Can you pick us up at the airport?

A. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, we do not have pickup service.

Q.  Where is the nearest subway (Tokyo Metro, Toei Metro) station?

A. The nearest subway station is Oshiage Station jointly operated by the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and Toei Metro Asakusa Line.

Q.  Can we use JR Pass/Metro Pass for the nearest stations (Hikifune station, and Keisei Hikifune Station)?

A. The JR/Metro Pass cannot be used as Hikifune Station is operated by a private railway company (Tobu Line, Keisei Line), and not by JR nor Tokyo Metro Line.

About rooms and facility

 Q. Do you have Handicap-accessible rooms? 

A. We do not have Handicap-accessible rooms. Our facility does not have an elevator either.

Q. What does dormitory mean? 

A. Dormitory means a type of room shared with other people.

Q. We would like to stay in the dormitory room. May we specifically request for the top and bottom of one bunk bed together?

 A. Yes, you can when you make the reservation. There is setting of the room when you can choose a specific bunk bed for two people.

Q. Do you have a business hotel-like private room?

A. We have private rooms, however, the rooms are not fitted with bathrooms. All the bath rooms are shared.

Q. How are the bathrooms? Are there any rules about available hour?

A. There is a shower room, which are available 24 hours. (Please refrain from useing hair dryer after 11 p.m.)  We offer towels for ¥100 each.

Q. Are there any bath amenities I can use?

A. Shampoo, body soap, face towel are available for free. We offer Toothbrush for ¥50- and disposable room shoes for ¥100- each. 

Q. Are there any laundry machine and places to hang the washed clothes?

A. Use of the laundry machine at the hostel costs ¥300- a time.

There is a small space place to hang your laundries in a public shared space. There are several coin washers within a 5-minute walk from Hikifune Lodge.

Q. Are there any lockers in Hikifune Lodge?

A. Yes, there are.(38cm X 40cm X 25Cm)

Q. Is there any parking space for cars and bicycles? 

A. We do not have any parking space. Please use a metar parking nearby.

Q. Is there any printer I can use?

A. As a general rule guests are not allowed to use our printer. You can request the use only when you print flight E-tickets. There are many convenience stores ("conbini") nearby where you can use a printer.

Q. Is there a lights-out time?

A. We turn off the lights at 11 a.m. for a comfortable sleep. Foot lamps remain turned. You can use the reading lamp attached to the bed if necessary.

Q. Is there a curfew?

A. Hikifune Lodge remains opened 24 hours. Please be quiet when you go out and come in at midnight.

Hostal Reposo Hikifune Lodge  



TEL. 03-3612-4004


チェックイン  11:00~21:00



チェックアウト 10:00


定休日  不定休


Check-in     11:00~21:00

(Please contact us what time do you expect to arrive. We will show you to the room after cleaning.)


Check-out          10:00



Open daily except otherwise noticed